Whether you are into real estate business or own properties, you definitely need pest free property. As a real estate agent, when you showcase your property to the clients, a pest free property has better chances of getting sold than the other properties. None of us would want to buy a house where there are chances of cockroach infestation, termites, spiders, rodent infestation and so on. As the property owner, we will think twice before offering the property on sale or rent as pest infested property has health hazards. We might be forced to sell the property at a low price or reduce the rent if the house is pest infested. Apart from this the damage to the property is a huge cost. And as tenants, we would never want to stay in a pest infested house or run a business in a pest infested property. So,, what could be the solution? The only solution would be to seek the help of professional pest service providers in Perth.

The Real Estate Pest Control in Perth are the professional service providers who inspect the property and carries out the pest infestation treatment. A quality service is the need of the hour and it takes a huge amount of efforts to sell the property. Your task would become easier if you hire Property pest control service providers who are the industry experts. The professionals possess hands-on-experience to eradicate the pest infestation in a single attempt. They have the knowledge of the chemicals to be used and the tools to be used. They can tell you the level of infestation and the damages caused by these pests.


If you are the house owners, you definitely do not want to risk the lives of the tenants to the termite infestation. Imagine when you have a client visit to your property and suddenly they see rodents moving here and there. The client will definitely drop the idea of purchasing the property. If you are a real estate agent, pest treatment is just not one time. It has to be checked every 3 months so that your property is free from pests. This calls for a local pest service provider who can offer you the best prices and the best services.

ECOSHIELD PEST CONTROL offers real estate services that include termite infestation, wasps treatment, spider infestation, rodent infestation, roaches infestation and so on. We cater to all the pest infestation needs in rental and investment properties. We have a pool of talent who has vast experience in the real-estate industries. They are well-versed with all the tricks of the trade and will save you a lot of time and energy. No longer you have to run here and there to find out the best Real Estate Pest Control in Perth. We have an exclusive real estate manager who deals with pest related issues.

Once you have approached us, your half the battle is won. Our manager will schedule the property inspection as per your routine. Our team will use best tools to find out the level of infestation or the possibilities of the pest infestation. We inspect the property, carry-out the treatment and then monitor the property as and when required. There are several methods to control the termites. Baiting and trapping are the easiest and effective pest control methods. However, we opt for methods that are quicker and give 100% results. We do not take chances and believe in using the best products to eradicate the pests in a single attempt.

ECOSHIELD PEST CONTROL functions on all the days and offers services that are faster and reliable. We do not believe in one-time solution and always provide services that will give long term benefits to the homeowners and real estate property owners. It has been found that when the building is under construction, the pest infestation might begin. It is at this stage the Pest Control WA intervenes and controls the pest before further damage is done. Be it your residential property or a commercial one, pests do not spare any. They reside wherever they are comfortable and can build colonies. It takes time to pick clues regarding the infestation. Our technical experts pick up the clue of pest infestation and proceed further with the inspection.

We are completely insured and licensed to carry out all the Property pest control treatments. We offer quarterly, half-yearly and annual packages that are economical for the home owners as well as real estate property owners. We also offer a certificate indicating that the particular building has carried out the infestation treatment and are free from pests. Our certificate is valued in the market and it is sure to add benefit to you.

Do not wait for long. Call us now to get rid of the pest infestation from your properties! You can also visit our website and have a look at our services. We do not mind you visiting our office and having a quick conversation with our experts.