Businesses cannot be confined to any person, place or products. As a consumer, there are several demands to be met and business is one way to cater to the needs of the people. Be it a product based firm or a service based organisation, safety and support stand prime. None of us can afford to run a business in a pest-infested property. Needless to say that a pest infestation will definitely affect your financials and will hamper your business reputation as well. One cannot afford to take a risk when it comes to business and the brands. Pests are like uninvited guests and once they enter your place, they make themselves comfortable and wouldn’t leave easily. The only solution to this problem is to call the professionals and seek their help.

All you need is an exclusive Commercial Pest Control in Perth who are industry-experienced to understand your business needs. ECOSHIELD PEST CONTROL has customized solutions for all the residential as well as commercial properties. Whether you are in hospitality sector or the mining sector or shopping centres, we are the best Pest Control in Perth to rely upon.


We have the vision to be a pest eradication Powerhouse and give the finest solution to every pest infested commercial property that we deal with. Our Mission is to carve a niche for our customers’ employees & community and help them to lead a pest-free life. We cannot allow the termites, rodents, bees, roaches or the spiders to affect your business functioning. We take the complete charge of the pest infestation and give 100% commitment to eradicate them completely. We also assure customer safety and ensure that the business premise isn’t affected during the treatment process.

ECOSHIELD PEST CONTROL can be completely trusted when it comes to the technicians. All our professionals are well trained and are certified to carry out the pest infestation. We not only update our knowledge about pests and their species, but also ensure that we stay tuned to what our customers face on regular basis due to the damages caused by the pests. Our training includes all the latest technologies related to Pest Control treatments in Perth that are quick enough to deliver the best results. We have a systematic approach to pest management services which is environment-friendly and safety oriented.

We have trained a special team to cater to commercial pest infestation as it requires a huge amount of dedication along with timely results. One cannot afford to shut down the work even for a single day as it means a huge amount of loss. We are choosy with our team and prefer only those professionals who have a strong desire to serve people and get high professional satisfaction from our clients. Our clients hold a superior position and we take their concerns seriously. At ECOSHIELD PEST CONTROL, there is a place only for happy employees and satisfied customers.

We are responsible for all our deeds and make sure that there is no harm caused to people, process, and the environment. We use environment-friendly products and believe in preserving the nature. We have taken all the safety measures to provide a healthy pest infestation treatment.

We are transparent with what we do. We value open relationships and communication- based on integrity, co-operation, transparency and mutual benefit, with our people, our customers, our suppliers, governments and society in general.


Food productions sites
Real estate properties
Government departments
Business premises
Shopping centres


One cannot allow the pests to feed on your products and damage your property. A quick and safe solution is the need of the situation and there cannot be anyone better than Commercial Pest Control in Perth. Your DIY products cannot help you for long as pests tend to be back to the premises. Can you compromise with your peace of mind at the cost of the pests? We know you cannot, hence, we are at your rescue.

If you own a warehouse and it is used to store the products, there are high chances of pests sharing your warehouse. If you happen to see rodents moving here and there, the wings of the roaches, the faeces of the pests, cobwebs and so on, be assured that your warehouse is pest infested. If you do not take immediate measures, these pests are sure to destroy your stored products. If you have wooden furniture, you might face termite infestation. Needless to say that there could be ants infestation, bees infestation or flies infestation. If you haven’t maintained your warehouse properly, the pests are sure to be attracted. And, the only way to eradicate them is with the help of warehouse pest control service providers.

ECOSHIELD PEST CONTROL is the best pest control service providers in Perth. We have better solutions with the best manpower. Our team is dedicated to give you the best outcome irrespective of the packages that you choose. We suggest you the treatment only after the complete inspection of your warehouse. We will find out the level of infestation and the treatment required to complete make your warehouse a pest-free area.

All you need to do is give us a call right now as we are the most affordable pest control in Perth to offer the best services at the minimum prices. We work 7 days a week and are active 24 hours.